— Command-line line tool

Command-line tool for creating cyclone applications out of the box.

usage: cyclone app [options]
 -h --help              Show this help.
 -n --new               Dumps a sample server code to stdout.
 -p --project=NAME      Create new cyclone project.
 -g --git               Use in conjunction with -p to make it a git repository.
 -m --modname=NAME      Use another name for the module [default: project_name]
 -v --version=VERSION   Set project version [default: 0.1]
 -s --set-pkg-version   Set version on package name [default: False]
 -t --target=PATH       Set path where project is created [default: current directory]
 -l --license=FILE      Append the following license file [default: Apache 2]
 -a --appskel=SKEL      Set the application skeleton [default: default]

  default              Basic cyclone project
  signup               Basic sign up/in/out, password reset, etc
  foreman              Create a foreman based project (suited to run on heroku and other PaaS)

 For a simple hello world:
 $ cyclone app -n >

 For a project that requires sign up:
 $ cyclone app --project=foobar --appskel=signup

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