Cyclone is a web server framework for Python that implements the Tornado API as a Twisted protocol.

Twisted is an event-driven network programming framework for Python, that dates back from 2002. It’s one of the most mature libraries for non-blocking I/O available to the public. Tornado is the open source version of FriendFeed’s web server, one of the most popular and fast web servers for Python, with a very decent API for building web applications.

The idea is to bridge Tornado's elegant and straightforward API to Twisted's Event-Loop, enabling a vast number of supported protocols.

This combination provides the ground for building up hybrid servers capable of handling HTTP very efficiently while also serve or use e-mail, ssh, sip, irc, etc, all concurrently.

On top of this rich feature set, Cyclone also addresses the C10K problem. For more information check

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Cyclone is listed in PyPI and can be installed with pip or easy_install. Note that the source distribution includes demo applications that are not present when Cyclone is installed via packages, so you may want to download a copy of the source tarball as well.

Download the latest version from

tar zxvf cyclone-$VERSION.tar.gz
cd cyclone-$VERSION
sudo python install

The Cyclone source code is hosted on GitHub:


Cyclone runs on Python 2.5, 2.6 and 2.7, and requires:

Heads up! On Python 2.5, simplejson is required too.


Get up to speed with our comprehensive demo applications:

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